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About us

EGB Systems and Solutions Inc. ( incorporated in the United States of America, is a fast growing Information Technology firm that offer services in the areas of Data Analysis, Business Process Outsourcing, Consulting, Training and Software Products.

We apply the best business practices with highly qualified and experienced professionals with domain knowledge. We provide systems and solutions for a dynamic environment in this technology driven world of business.

Vision Statement

  • To build confidence and play a role in building a better world by bringing talented people an opportunity to compete with each other, regardless of national origin, gender, language, or economic status.
  • As the future unfolds, we envision this site becoming a resource for global fairs and exhibitions, as well as competitions.

Mission Statement

  • To gather and provide an all-encompassing resource for global and local competitions.
  • To enable anyone who wants to participate in a competition, by providing the information to do so.

Our special Thanks to all our team members

  • Mr. Ganesh Ekambaram - Director EGB Systems & Solutions Inc. USA
  • EGB Team - EGB Systems & Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India

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