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Becker Contest 2011

Category : Design, 09th Jun 2010 to 31st Jan 2011.

Create unusual, aesthetic, innovative and functional design! Any designs that include moulded wood can be submitted. Combine moulded wood with other materials at your discretion. They could be furniture designs, but we also expressly welcome pieces from other areas of application.You can submit stand-alone pieces, group projects or thesis projects.The idea must be new and will be evaluated according to the following criteria: * Innovation * Function * Product aesthetics * Design concept * Industrial manufacturability * Interdisciplinary approach * Economic viability * Visualisation * Presentation * Sustainability * Ergonomics * Suitability of the material * Realisation quality of the optionally submitted model



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Fee Details

  • Prize: USD 12531
  • Min Reg fee: NA
  • Max Reg fee: NA