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The 8th Leopold Mozart International Violin Competition

Category : Music Compose, 07th Apr 2012 to 28th Apr 2013.

We began in the year 1986 in a co-operation with the Leopold Mozart Conservatorium of the time and we have always been involved with the sustaining of young talent for the future. We named ourselves after Leopold Mozart, the great Augsburg composer, music teacher, educator and father of Wolfgang Amad Mozart. Leopold Mozarts major work, The Fundamental Principles of Violin Playing was first published two hundred and fifty years ago. Then it was a bestseller and today it is still held in esteem as the major work in this field. This alone is reason to bring the name of the author once again to public attention. However, it was not until the International Violin Competition Leopold Mozart which was founded by the Kuratorium, that the name Leopold Mozart was made known not only in the world of music but also far beyond and has since consistently contributed to the continued expansion his fan club. Our prize winners and award winners are certainly the most excellent ambassadors for our cause.




Venue Details

  • Leopold-Mozart-Kuratorium Augsburg e.V.Maximilianstrae 59D-86150 AugsburgGermany
  • Augsburg
  • D-86150
  • Germany

Fee Details

  • Prize: EUR 10,000
  • Min Reg fee: NA
  • Max Reg fee: NA