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Whats your Place? - Poetry Competition

Category : Poetry, 14th Jun 2013 to 31st Dec 2013.

We invite you to write a poem about a neighbourhood thats important to you. It could be the place you grew up in, the area you live in now, or a neighbourhood which influenced your life in a particular way. It could well be a place you visited on holiday, or city that made a big impression on you, or equally well a place that has blighted your life ever since. It could be a house, a caf, school or a park, a neighbourhood, a motorway, railway station, any place that defines the neighbourhood.

Its about your take on the place but at the same time were looking for an individual vision that has a universal resonance; in other words, a poem which uses the literary form to say something more, and which is not just about yourself.



Venue Details

  • United Kingdom

Fee Details

  • Prize: EUR 100
  • Min Reg fee: NA
  • Max Reg fee: NA
  • Held: Online